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  • (i). Open account with RHB OSK

    1. Who is eligible to open an account with RHB
    Anyone can apply - Thai or foreigners; regardless of where you live.

    2. How many types of accounts are there and what are the differences between them?
    There are 3 types of accounts

    1. Cash balance – Deposit 100% of trading value and pay when you trade.
    2. Advance Deposit Account (Cash Balance Account) - Deposit 15% of trading value and pay all trading value on T+3.

      Payments for purchases of securities on T +3 (from date of purchase to 3 days), we will set to deduct from ATS account at about 15:30 pm of all banks.

      Receive money from the sale of securities on T +3 (transaction date of sale to 3 days), we will transfer money back to the ATS account not later than 11:00 pm of all banks.
    3. Margin Account or Credit balance – Deposit 50% of your trading value and borrow the rest from RHB OSK.

      This is a facility that allows RHB OSK account holders to borrow money to buy securities. RHB OSK considers the risks to determine the trading credit limits. Account holders will receive interest from RHB OSK if the cash collateral exceeds the amount of debt. However, interest must be paid if the amount of debt is higher than the cash collateral.

    3. How to deposit money into RHB Account for Buying/Selling?
    Please fax the pay-in slip to the number 02-862-9915 and telephone to inform the authorized officer at 02-862-9999 ext. 2007, and 02-862-9917 every time the transfer is made.

    Bank accounts and details for you to transfer money into the account of RHB 

    Bank - branch Account Number
    Kasikorn Bank - Lang Suankasikornthai Current Account No. 082-108261-7
    Bangkok Bank – Silombangkokbank Current Account No. 118-324770-7
    UOB Bank – Amarinuob Current Account No. 004-1-04076-7
    Siam Commercial Bank - Witthayuscb Current Account No. 049-313147-8
    Krungthai Bank - Pinklaokrungthai Current Account No. 031-6-04098-3
    TMB Bank – Lang Suantmb Current Account No. 171-1-01527-9
    Bank of Ayudhya – Ploenchit Officekrungsriayudhya Current Account No. 001-016549-5
    Thanachart Bank – Ton Sonthanachart Current Account No. 001-3-00762-7
    CIMBT Bank – Bangboncimb Savings Account No. 040-2-24894-5

    4. How many trading channels are provided by RHB ?
    There are two main trading channels for you to maximize your investment opportunities with RHB , via our experienced company dealer or via Internet if you would like to enjoy the lower brokerage fees.

    Either way, you can trade with confidence with close support from our dealers and good Customer service throughout a trading session.

    5. What markets are available on RHB?
    RHBS is the gateway to stocks listed on SET, Bursa Malaysia,SGX, HKEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, and Dow Jones.

    6. How much money should I have in order to open an account?
    There is no minimum requirement in this regard. Your credit line will be carefully determined by the documents you provide to us during the application process.

    7. What are the steps involved in the account opening process?
    1. Prepare the documents and contact the branchlocated nearest to you.
    2. A representative from RHB OSK will contact you within 3 days.
    3. A confirmation SMS and Welcome Kit will be sent to you once your account is approved.

  • (i). Online Trading

    1. How many trading platforms can I enjoy?
    RHB OSK offers you a secure internet trading system from SETTRADE and i2Trade.
    You can easily find the features of SETTRADE and i2Tradejust a click away.

    2. Is there a user guide available?
    Just click HERE to get a step-by-step user guide

    3. How safe is online trading?
    RHB OSK online trading platform ensures a secure environment for data transmission with proven encryption technology using Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Firewall, PIN, user authentication and 128 bit encryption. In addition, monies and shares with RHB OSK can only be paid or transferred to the account of the beneficial owner and are thus secured.

    4. How do I ensure the security of my account?
    It is advisable not to share your PIN (Personal Identification Number) with anyone else. If you forget your Client Code and PIN, please Contact Us.

    5. What are the system requirements to access RHB online trading page?
    You just have to log on to the Internet via a personal computer or a notebook using Internet Explorer 6.0 and above for maximum security and best performance.

    6. What are the minimum requirements for online-trading application?
    Minimum requirements are as follows:
    Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz or higher
    Hard disk drive: 50MB of free HDD space
    RAM: 1GB
    Operating system: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
    Internet Explorer version: 5.5 to 8.0
    SUN Java Virtual Machine(JVM) version: 1.6.0 and above (32 bits only)

    7. What should I do if my PC/System is down and I need to place orders?
    You can place your orders through your Broker’s Representative or contact our Customer Care at 02 862 9797 or 02 862 9798.

    (iI). Mobile Trading

    1. Do I have to pay more for mobile trading?
    No. It’s a complimentary service for our account holder.

    2. What phones are compatible with Mobile Trading?
    Any smartphone or tablet, particularly the Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, with a display screen that’s above 9 inches with internet connection.**


    3. Is it a downloadable application?
    Yes. You can download Streaming software application into your mobile device for free. Please visit Apple Store and search for “Settrade Streaming” from your smartphone or tablet.

    4. Can I access mobile trading and PC online trading simultaneously?
    No. Your User ID and password will be the same as your desktop PC login to SETTRADE / i2Trade. Thus, you can only access to ONE platform at any one time.

    5. Is mobile trading accessible through 2 phones simultaneously?
    No. You can only access Settrade Streaming ONE mobile device at any one time.

  • 1. Why can’t I view the live price feed?
    It is most probably a JAVA related issue. You should try to update to the latest version of JAVA at www.java.com and then reopen the browser. Another possible issue is that JAVA was not enabled on your browser.

    2. I can’t access the online trading hall, how else can I trade?
    You can still trade by calling your Dealer’s Representative at RHB OSK Securities Thailand.

    3. I lost my internet connection halfway through a transaction, how do I track it?
    You can check your Order Status online or contact your Dealer’s Representative by phone.
    4. What happens if I fail to log in multiple times?
    Your User and Password will be blocked after 5 unsuccessful log-on attempts. Similarly, your Pin will have to be reset after 3 times of wrong input. For immediate release of your ID and Password, please contact our Customer Care at 02 862 9797 or 02 862 9798.
    5. How will I know if my orders have been received if the line or system breaks down right after I’ve sent out the order?
    Please check your order status and you may also call your dealer or remisier to reconfirm.

  • 1. Will the same services be retained? Will new ones be offered?
    The expanded Research portal will offer wider coverage in line with the expanded research teams. There will be more insights available for clients to make informed trading decisions.