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Streaming on Mobile

** For iPhone/iPad

Thailand’s first-ever iPhone Multi-Market Trading Platform for equity and derivatives developed by Settrade. 

With state-of-the-art technology and expert teams specialized in online and mobile trading, equipped with prompt price movement information right from equity and derivatives markets, this platform will help you make fast and accurate analysis for your investment decision. 

Streaming iPhone stands out for its user-friendly interface. With just a touch on a large-sized screen, users can keep track of real-time quotes in both equity and derivatives markets as well as place orders promptly via a single application. You will never miss new investment opportunities anywhere and anytime.    

**Works on iPhone/iPad devices running iOS 9.3 or later**

Accommodate equity and derivatives trading in an all-in-one application. 
Simply open an online multi-market trading account with top broker and you can invest in both equity and derivatives markets from a single integrated application.

Make a timely investment decision with real-time information. 
Follow stock and derivative market activity including real-time quotes from quick data transmission. 
Enable investors to get prompt information for a timely investment decision.


  - Quote page portrays prices up to 5BIDs/5OFFERs.
- Keep track of market movement with real-time SET Index information on every screen.
- Follow live prices of equity and derivatives in your portfolio via "My Port" Menu on Bids and Watch page.

View pricing trends with Chart Function
  - Intraday Chart Function gives you a clear overview of intraday price movement of equity and derivatives you are interested in.
- Add Historical Chart to show stock prices 1 year backwards.

Place orders instantaneously with just one touch.
   - Place orders fast and easy by touching the screen specially designed by a specialized team. 

- Key price and volume more easily with Smart Numeric Keyboard.

 Easy for portfolio management.
Easy multi-account management with graphical view of your portfolio.
Powerful with cutting-edge design and user-friendly interface.
- Easy-to-use design with large font size.          
- View full screen information on iPhone5.

 ** For Android

Latest Web Application for real-time equity and derivatives trading on Android. With Android’s new-iconic design plus with functions that facilitate trading, you will be able to place orders anywhere anytime.
Equity and derivative trading from one screen.

Just select Equity or Derivatives from Buy/Sell Menu in order to place orders in a timely manner. 
Enjoy easy trading. Just click the stock’s name and select Buy or Sell from Watch Screen.
If you change your mind and want to cancel order, only press Cancel button at the Order Detail of such order.
 Keep pace of market situation. 

Follow SET Index displayed on the taskbar at the bottom of every screen. You will not miss market activity even in a split of a second.
Keep track of market movement with Most Active Volume, Most Active Value and other information; or view information based on industry group.
Ticker Screen: Is the screen used to watch latest equity and derivatives trading in each transaction.  

- After logging into the system, enter Market Watch Screen (from Market Menu).  

- Then swipe the screen to the left. You will see Ticker Screen which displays the results in 3 modes as follows:


o SET Mode:  Displays only equity information. 
o TFEX Mode: Displays only derivative information. 

o Both Mode: Displays both equity and derivatives information. 

View derivatives prices based on product types.
 Never miss any movement in your portfolio. 

Follow price movement including derivatives prices in your portfolio from My Port Menu on Watch Page
View real-time returns vs costs (% Unrealized P/L) immediately on Portfolio Page.
 A powerful smartphone in an iconic design.
Android’s newly designed Web Application. Comfortable for your eyes with light-colored background and large, clear, full-screen font size.
With a new order entry screen layout, you will find it easier to place your orders.