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Fees / Penalty Charge / Interests

Fees / Penalty Charge / Interests          
Commission and Trading Fees              

Fees for trading of securities via marketing officers and internet system

Trading Value/Day/Trading Account (Baht)

Marketing Officer

Internet System

Cash Account (ATS)

Cash Balance Account and Credit Balance Account

Less than or equal to 5 million Baht              




5 million Baht up but less than 10 million Baht




10 million Baht up but less than 20 million Baht




20 million Baht up




* Minimum trading fee (brokerage fee) for normal customers is 50 Baht (not including 7% VAT) per day of actual transaction per account type in every order placement channel.

**Trading fee for trading volume of 20 million Baht per day and above is a negotiable rate based on trading volume. Please contact your investment advisor who supervises your account.

Fees other than specified above include:

Trading fee to be collected by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).


Clearing Fee to be collected by Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd.


Regulatory Fee


Interest Rates

Deposit Rates (effective from 1 April 2022)

Type of Account

Interest (p.a.)

Cash Account (ATS)


Cash Balance Account and
Credit Balance Account





The above rates have been effective from 1 February 2022. The Company reserves the right to change such rates as necessity arises or as announced by local commercial banks.

Credit Balance Interest (effective from 1 February 2022)

Minimum interest rate on credit balance account is 4.75% p.a.

However, the Company has fixed special interest rates at different levels for the customers as per the conditions shown in the Table on Credit Balance Interest Rates.  

Click here to view the Table on Credit Balance Interest Rates

Penalty Charge

·         Penalty charge fixed by SET in case the customer fails to make settlement within the specified period is 1,000 Baht per day. However, the first default in a particular quarter will be exempted from penalty charge or up to the Company’s discretion.

·         Penalty charge in case the customer settles payment via other means which is not ATS1 (in whole or in part):

·         1st – 3rd time of the quarter will be exempted from penalty charge.

·         4th time up will be charged 1,000 Baht per time.   Remark: Non-ATS settlement means that the customer settles payment 2 business days after the day of a transaction (T+2) and not via ATS.

·         The Company charges interest on settlement default at 15% p.a.

Tax Rates

·         Capital gains are non-taxable.

·         Dividend is subject to 10% withholding tax.

·         Interest is subject to 15% withholding tax in the case of individuals and 1% in the case of juristic customers operating in Thailand in accordance with the Revenue Department’s Regulations.

·         Investors must pay 7% VAT on service fees or commissions charged by securities / derivatives brokerage companies.