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RHB Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited is ready to provide brokerage service to individual and business customers. We are committed to offering best trading services with fully-integrated systems that will assure our customers of a remarkable investment experience throughout the trading hours. 

Types of Account

3 types of trading accounts are available for RHBS customers: Cash Account, Cash Balance and Credit Balance. 

Cash Account
  • The Company will consider and approve the investor’s transaction limit from financial evidence. 
  • Cash account requires 20% collateral (cash or equity) in the account before trading. 
  • Investor must pay full amount for the purchased stocks in cash within 3 working days via automatic transfer system (ATS).  
Cash Balance
  • Cash balance account requires 100% cash deposit prior to trading.
  • Transaction limit will be equal to the deposit amount placed with the Company. 
  • The proceeds from sale will be included in deposit account with the Company. 
  • The deposit will receive interest at the rate determined by the Company.
Credit Balance
  • Increase your purchase power with loan borrowing which is subject to interest rate determined by the Company. 
  • Investor must place cash or equity as collateral. 
  • The deposit will receive interest at the rate determined by the Company.

Transaction Channels

RHBS customers can make trading transactions via 2 channels: the Company’s marketing officers and self-trading online. 

Trading via marketing officers is suitable for investors who need investment advices. Marketing officers will send orders as instructed by the account owners. However, you will receive daily analysis in order to keep track of news and information that support your investment decision. 
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Self-trading online is suitable for investors who want to make their own decision. Commission rate on this type of investment will be lower than trading via marketing officers. You can place orders through your computer, tablet or smart phone from anywhere simply by connecting the internet to your device. You will also receive daily analysis so that you will not miss any news and information that support your investment decision.
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